Paul Benevente Talks About the Latest Trends in the Medical Sales Industry

The medical sales industry has had its ups and downs over the years. But it certainly has a lot going for it. Players in this space need to embrace what’s working to stay competitive. Moreover, the latest trends are exciting.

Paul Benevente, a sales rep in the healthcare sector, is always enthralled by what’s to come. He believes the best way to take advantage of new trends is to set forward-thinking sales goals. Some things that excite him include the increased popularity of medical devices. What’s more, older adults are spending a lot more on healthcare.

For Benevente, figuring out how these changes fit into the sales matrix is vital. That’s why he spends time making sense of what’s new and what’s to come. There’s money to make if you get your ducks in a row.

Here’s how everything looks and what may come in the future.

More digital products

It’s almost impossible to talk about new trends in any sector without saying something about new tech innovations. And the healthcare industry is no exception. Biotechnology is undoubtedly doing its bit to change the medical device sales industry’s complexion. For sales reps, this trend brings more niches.

Think of medical wearables like smartwatches to help monitor patients’ conditions and activities. By selling these devices, sales professionals can do more.

The best part is that more patients will use these and other high-tech devices going forward. Some devices available on the market include IV medication pumps, blood sugar measuring devices, and insulin pumps. Even monitors previously only available in healthcare facilities are heading into homes.

Another thing that’ll make the devices popular is that prices are going down. Moreover, they’re getting more accurate. All of that bodes well for a big jump in medical device sales. Benevente says quotas of salespeople working this segment will go off the charts. That’s something to smile about.

Opportunities in international markets

Countries importing a lot of their medical supplies create opportunities for salespeople in developed countries. These markets are growing faster, creating good opportunities for sales reps in specific segments. Benevente says experts agree that regulatory authorities in these markets will approve more manufacturers to sell medical products. That’s good news for sales professionals looking to grow their market base.

Increased spending by older adults

There’s no denying that older adults are big spenders in healthcare. But then experts see more gains in the coming years – something medical sales professionals will like. One of the reasons for the increased spending is that more over-60s are running around. And that’s not about to change. The numbers will keep rising.

Another thing about this trend is that seniors invest more in comprehensive insurance plans. That way, they can get the best of what insurance plans can afford. What’s more, they don’t just spend on medications. A lot of their money pays for medical devices and equipment like wheelchairs, IV medication pumps, walkers, and blood sugar measuring devices.

So, salespeople can look forward to selling more devices and medications. This demand is good for the healthcare industry.

About Paul Benevente

Born in Lindenhurst, NY, Paul boasts many years of medical sales experience. He’s passionate about providing clients high-quality medical supplies and excellent support services.