William Collins: Smart Homes 2023 – Construction trends in luxury homes

William Collins, a real estate developer and entrepreneur based in New York, is optimistic about construction trends in luxury and smart homes.  A smart home is a residence equipped with technology such as sensors, controls, and other systems to provide convenience and security for its occupants. Smart homes allow users to automate, monitor and control various aspects of their homes from any location. They also save energy by optimizing lighting, HVAC systems, appliances, and other electronic devices. Smart homes can be integrated with other systems, such as home security and audio/video entertainment, to create a truly connected space for the user. 

Security Systems

Today’s security systems are becoming increasingly advanced, making security an essential part of luxury home living. Smart locks/doors give homeowners the convenience of having keyless access and peace-of-mind security, knowing their door is always locked properly. Additionally, many high-end homes have cameras and motion sensors, which can be monitored via a smartphone application for even greater security. In addition, electronic access gates allow individuals into the home without using physical keys or memorizing codes.

Remote Controlled Homes

Remote automated access systems are slowly becoming a reality in the smart home industry. As more and more luxury homes are being built, remote access features like automated heating systems, washing machines, dishwashers, and audio and lighting systems are included as safety features to help keep track of what’s happening from a remote location. Eventually, William Collins says these features will become expected amenities that come standard with a new home, and remote access and automated access will become the norm.

AI Customized Routines

Home automation is rapidly becoming the new luxury – and artificial intelligence is leading the charge. With AI-powered platforms serving as the “brain” of a home, everyday routines can be automated for residents’ convenience. Take, for example, an AI system that would understand a person’s music habits for the day, then provide customized playlists at exactly the right time without any manual intervention. Home learning systems promise a seamless luxury experience far beyond what could be achieved with traditional technology.

Alternative Energy Sources

Luxury constructions in 2023 will focus on alternative energy sources, such as solar power. Integrating solar-based energy into buildings and implementing charging stations for electric vehicles will be a key factors in consumer purchase attractiveness. Smart home constructions are designed to optimize energy utilization, from remotely controlling temperature and lighting features. However, what truly sets these intelligent constructions apart is their sensitivity to the environment, with alternative energy sources at their core. 


Smart home technology is the new luxury for homeowners, providing convenience and security with automated systems, remote control capabilities, and AI-customized routines. Security systems are crucial in luxury homes, offering keyless entry, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors running from a smartphone. Remote-controlled homes allow users to control temperature and lighting, while alternative energy sources provide homes with sustainability. With these advancements, the future of home automation looks more luxurious than ever.